Co-Founder & CEO

Karun has 20+ years of experience as a technology leader in leading teams globally, building enterprise applications for large enterprises and start-ups including learning platforms. During this phase he visualized the need for practical and structured learning in order to reduce the skill gap of the newly hired college grads. In order to solve this problem, he co-founded byteXL, a platform very relevant to IT industry’s needs.

Co-Founder & COO

Sricharan has over 18 years' experience as an industry leader in IT services with expertise in retail and aviation industries. Charan has experience in leading large teams and building enterprise applications. He has also worked with various consulting companies to hire new talent and has realized that the skill gap from academia to the real world is huge. To solve this problem, Charan has joined hands with byteXL.

Satish Yedulapally
Chief Learning Officer

Satish has over 18 years of experience in academic world. Satish has an excellent prior experience in building job-readiness programs, standardizing teaching methodologies, hiring best faculties and training thousands of engineering students. He has a M.Tech from JNTU, and is currently pursuing his Phd

Pavan Gorakavi

Pavan, a seasoned technology leader in cybersecurity, has over 18 years of experience in designing corporate-university bridge programs, building high-performing tech teams and scaling technology enabled services platforms. His interest in scaling up college bridge program and developing high tech talent global workforce, inspired him to co-found byteXL.

Chief Strategy Officer

Anil is a seasoned professional with leadership experience in operations, sales and marketing and supply chain management. Anil has led large teams to deliver on operational excellence aligning team performance to corporate goals. He has seen Corporates carry bench for training purposes to get them job ready, increasing costs and impacting business flexibility. He believes a significant skill gap can be addressed during graduation with experiential learning and is excited to be with byteXL to address this huge segment, benefiting students and corporates. He has an MBA from IIM, Lucknow.

Chief Sales Officer

Raman has over 31 years’ experience as an entrepreneur. He is one of the top electronic lab suppliers for technical institutes and has a good understanding of technical education in India. He is motivated to help young graduates enter the world of IT corporations by training and mentoring them in emerging technologies. Raman has great expertise in electrical and power systems likewise, and understands the future is in robotics and automation. Raman is associated with various engineering colleges and technical institutions all over India as a member or board advisor.