The most successful companies today have one thing in common – they rely heavily on tech to power their growth.

With an abundance of educated youth, India can be at the forefront of this opportunity and create the future of tech.

But are our youth job-ready?

byteXL hopes to empower India’s youth to upskill and compete with the world’s best tech talent.

Which is why, like never before, we are giving students unlimited access to tech learning resources through a subscription model – at a price that everyone can afford.


byteXL is the first-ever, one-stop-shop for self-learning course work and guided training – preparing a new generation of coders for the workforce.

Founded in USA, byteXL is led by experienced technology leaders from large IT majors who know exactly what it takes to get hired by the world’s leading tech companies.

byteXL helps students gain competitive advantage and confidence:

  • Through industry interface and exposure to relevant terminologies
  • Through an experiential approach and multiple exercises in coding
  • Through a personalized approach tailored to individual aspirations


  • By 2030, ~50 million jobs will be created globally, related solely to developing & deploying new tech1
  • In 2020, the top 5 jobs in India are going to be tech-related – JavaScript Developer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Back-end Developer, Robotic Process Automation Consultant & Blockchain Developer2


  • Tech talent shortage in India is expected to reach 1 million by 20243
  • 90% of graduating engineers from India lack the required programming and algorithm skills required to work in IT product companies3
  • Only 1.2% - 5.3% of Indian engineers are employable in new-age skills such as Artificial Intelligence, mobile and web development3
  • Current teaching methodologies overlook the aspects of team collaboration, building massive codebase, leveraging multiple technologies, debugging skills and applied technology skills
  • Training location, training cost, quality of service and lack of personalized career advise are the major challenge faced by a student

1 “Jobs lost; jobs gained: Workforce transitions in a time of automation”; McKinsey Global Institute | 2 “2020 Emerging Jobs Report India”; LinkedIn
3 “National Employability Report 2019”; Aspiring Minds

byteXL is committed to making learning more accessible and empowering India's youth to compete with the world's best.